Saturday, December 10, 2011

Problems, Problems, Problems

Living in Germany it's hard to get my usual art and craft supplies. Granted we have a craft store on post but it is geared toward quilters . I tried to quilt to ease my pain if no paper crafting but I find it slow and time consuming. I have to get what I need from the Internet. Now in America I wouldn't have a problem with ordering for the Internet but out here I came into my first snag. I placed a order to wild orchid crafts and I was so excited to receive my order of all flower but the owner sent me a email stating that they have problem shipping to a apo address. What is a apo address you ask, it's the address the military gives you that is like a American address because in order countries there are all these fees and taxes you have to pay just to receive a package. Well  I wrote home back and old him I will not give him my Germany address and if that is a problem just cancel the order. But I just hope the order goes through fine cause u really, really want those flowers.


  1. Oh no! That really stinks! I have heard that from other people too. When I had my full-blown online Paper Crafting store, I used to ship to an APO and International addresses all the time.

    (I moved my inventory from my online store to a small retail shop inside a large Antique Mall)...mostly Vintage style products.

    Please let me know if you are ever looking for anything in particular - it's possible that I could have it in stock (it may not be currently posted online) and I would be so happy to ship it to your APO address in Germany.

    Holiday Wishes,

    -pamela :)

  2. thanks pamela i will check out you store and an update on my order i had to cancel it because he didnt want to send it to the apo address so i made another order and sent it back home to my friend. i really wanted those flowers

  3. will ship to APO addresses and you can use free shipping codes.