Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crafter in Germany

well this is my first blog post in a while, before i was writing my blog while living in tennessee. we dont live there anymore not we stay in germany. one thing i can say about this place is i dont really like it that much and i wish i was back in the USA. i miss all my shopping that i love to do and it sucks not having a job either but i still love my crafting. now that i have time on my hands i can really get back to my crafting, but out here i dont know where i would buy all my supplies but on the army post and they dont have much of a choice there so the internet is where i will be receiving my things. i have to say the internet has a lot of things for me to choose from so you are on this ride with me. i will see how i can survive with my crafting while staying over here for the next 3 years so please bear with with while i try to ride this things out.

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